How I became boss of a Kensington escort agency?

London Escort Agency Boss

I was always looking to be my own boss and run a successful business. I’ve tried many different business ideas over the years. I started an oven cleaning business, a window cleaning business and a painting and decorating business. All were completely boring and you had to work your socks off to make a buck.

I saw an ad for Escort Empire inviting people to run their own escort agency business. The project looked very viable, with all the components to run a successful agency from day one. I took this opportunity and have never looked back.

With the escort business, you can virtually run it from anywhere. My target was to be an upmarket escort agency in Kensington. I followed their plan and started recruiting escorts. I had loads of applications from girls who wanted to join my agency.

The business took off straight away, I had some of the best Kensington escorts on my books from day one and the business has just grown and grown. I now have over two hundred girls on my books and turn over a hundred and twenty bookings every day. The most popular escorts in Kensington, for me, are the porn star escorts, and the VIP escorts in Chelsea. But all the girls make good money from the Kensington teen escorts to the mature women that are on my books.


Why are so many university students signing on with escort agencies?

Uni Students Working as UK Escorts

More than one in 20 (that’s around 100,000) university students are turning to some form of sex work to pay for their university education.

Recent research conducted by Kingston University has concluded that 16% of students are now open to the idea of “sex work”. Some escort agencies are now offering to pay their working students 100% of their tuition fees. This is very tempting for any financially struggling student. However, in the UK, a lot of society is still quite prudish, and are often not comfortable in openly discussing sex work. It can be a contentious issue for many students to openly talk about with their parents, who may have traditional and conservative views on sex and escort agencies. Therefore, many students carry out escort work in complete secret – not evening letting their university friends know. The industry is often ignored by universities who are embarrassed to discuss recent statistics. They may also not want it discussed at it puts the fact they are overcharging students with ridiculously high tuition fees into the spotlight.

There are a number of different types of “sex work” that have been included in studies that look into the trend; such as web-camming, stripping, and exotic dancing, but one of the most notable areas of growth in the sex trade has been university students providing escort services. But why are students, both male and female, becoming escorts?
Providing escort services means that students can earn money
With a three-year university degree leaving British students with debts of over £50,000 it’s not surprising that students are looking for ways to earn money on the side.

More common jobs, such as working in a bar or a shop, are badly paid and many people struggle to pay their basic living costs earning such a low wage when they also have to do their university work.
A successful escort can earn up to £4,000 a week, and still have time to get their education, so it’s unsurprising that making that amount of money has been appealing to those trying to make ends meet.
University is unaffordable for a large proportion of the population, and working through escort agencies enables those students to pay for their education.

Social media targeting is encouraging more students to sign on with escort agencies

The growth of internet users has led to an almost exponential increase in the number of online agencies providing escort services and apps also exist where local escorts can be contacted and connected with. It is easier than ever for people to find escort services, and as a result, agencies are looking for more escorts.

As the cost of living at university has increased, so has the number of escort agencies that target students online. It isn’t uncommon to see escort agencies posting on Fresher’s pages or messaging university students to entice them to sign up to their websites, and this has helped to drive an increase in the number of students that have considered escorting to earn money.

Some escorts see their job as an enjoyable way to earn money
In interviews and surveys that seek to dig deeper into the escort industry, many escorts say that they enjoy the job that they do. Of course, as with almost any job, escorting wouldn’t be appealing it if it didn’t provide a living, but feedback from a number of escorts is that they enjoy the social side of their job and would rather provide escort services than work in a pub or a restaurant for a lower wage.

However, the number of students signing on with escort agencies is not the same as the number of students actually escorting
However, providing escort services comes with many risks, both physical and emotional, and many students that have signed onto agencies but they have not done any escorting subsequently. Therefore the growth in students registering with escort agencies does not perfectly reflect the number of university students actually escorting, as many students have second thoughts about the risks and associations attached to escorting, and decide not to go through with it.

It has become apparent in recent years that university students, struggling with increasing expenses, are turning to the escorting industry to fund their studies.

Undergraduates are now facing tuition fees of £9,000 per year. No one can deny that this is a lot of money – and not the only fees facing a student such as accommodation and food costs. There has never been a more expensive time to be a student in the UK that today. So it is totally understandable why students are finding ways to fund these high costs.

The adult escorting industry is a very lucrative business where students can earn, sometimes, around £1000 a night. It is worth noting that there are just as many opportunities for male and female escorts in the industry. Many madams from brothels have commented on the fact they have received a large amount of enquires from male and female students offering their services. It is totally understandable that students would turn to this kind of work for a £1000 a night, where on minimum wage they could potentially only earn about £45. It is particularly appealing for students who don’t have the bank of mum and dad to rely on. The escort industry is also appealing to foreign students who have come over to the UK to study with even higher tuition fees to pay.

There are various forms of escort work that students undertake. It depends on what the student feels comfortable and safe taking part in. Some students work includes phone sex, pole dancing/sexy dancing, prostitution or in some instances just providing company for their client in a social environment. If regular work can be sustained, students can earn at least £15,000 a year in the escort industry. Students will often let the escort agency know in advance the level of sexual intimacy they are willing to take part in.

Young people are more savvy, independent and liberal than they have ever been. Sexually empowered female students in particular are now taking control of their finances and are benefiting from the gains of working for an escort agency. Some sex work can now be carried out from the comfort of a students flat using a camera. This is known as a “cam girl”. This is a very appealing way of students to make money and also very safe. Students can also choose their hours of work using online camera work. They can set their working hours around their working university schedule of lectures and exams. Some students, prefer to “get out there” so to speak and take part in lap dancing in clubs for example. It has been said that students can earn up to £800 lap dancing. Private one on one dancing can warrant even more financial gain.

There are various escort agencies that deal with specific types. For example some will specialise in male and male, female for male, female and female or male for female. Recent additions to many escort agencies include transsexual and transgender. The actual sexual orientation of the working student is irrelevant, it is up to them what line of work they feel most comfortable working in.

Some students enjoy the experience and don’t consider it as actually hard work. As one student put it “if I am on Tinder, I may as well sign up to an escort agency and get paid for it”. Some students have enjoyed the money so much that even after they have graduated, they have continued sex work to pay for their next financial goal such as buying a house.

It goes without saying that this is a growing industry that more and more students are turning to at time where student debt among students is growing out of control.

Has the internet changed the UK escort business?

UK Escort Business Internet Changed
According to a recent government report conducted by the Home Affairs Committee in 2016, there is estimated to be around 72,800 sex workers in the UK.

The sad news is, some UK escorts are still generating their business and working on the streets. However, the research finds that a growing number and now the majority are finding work from various indoor locations in towns and cities across the United Kingdom. 

Today, most people are closer to their phones than the four feet deal of the ubiquitous rat. New generations such as millennials and their younger siblings, the Generation Z cohort, are digital natives who expect instant results and more importantly, instant gratification. So, is it possible that the full-on technological age that we are currently participating in is changing the face of the escort business? 

The ever-present internet 

Over the last few years the rise of social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat and Facebook, account for where many consumers are found to be in a constant stream during their working days and downtime. 

With over 94 per cent of adults in the UK using mobile phones and smart technology in 2017; It’s now the intelligent UK escort who understands the benefits of building their social and web-based profiles, creating a 24/7 window to tap into a steady stream of potential digital customers. 

More importantly, online methods of advertising are likely to be a much safer environment to attract customers than traditional methods open to escorts previously. 

“it’s the smart UK escort who understands the benefits of building their social and web-based profiles.”

Building a brand 

There are many reasons why using the comfort of a laptop or other device is beneficial to those working in the UK escort industry. According to important research from the University of York; Using social media and operating a personal website was a way in which those studied, found they could effectively build up a personal brand. A significant number of UK escorts who were involved in the study explained that frequent social media use built up an element of trust amongst their potential clients. 

“using social media and operating a personal website was a way in which those studied, found they could effectively build up a personal brand.”

Peer to peer 

Another interesting finding of this report was how UK escorts are using platforms such as Twitter, to communicate directly with their friends. Many of those interviewed stated that potential clients enjoyed and engaged with escorts and companions interacting with each other in real-time. Many of those involved in the research expressed how these kinds of regular conversations were a really effective marketing strategy to increase their active client base. 

According to other UK based escorts studied, it appears that social media also held another important use for those working in the escort industry in 2019. Following the introduction of new laws in 2018 that lead to many website closures. Social media platforms like Twitter provide an essential, safe platform for them to build friendships with co-workers and also offer new kinds of professional support. 

Instant communication 

Social media platforms such as Twitter were very important to the escorts involved in this important research in a variety of ways. Such as letting their customers know when they were available for work, and enable escorts to let customers know when they are available and other ‘minute by minute’ activities which would not be possible before the rise of social media. 


More important work by Leicester University has shown without doubt that the internet has considerably changed the landscape of professional sex workers in the UK. It was discovered that UK escorts who operate in an online environment have increased levels of safety, happiness and have more potential to uncover dangerous customers. 

The online world has given vulnerable and often isolated escorts a way in which to remain more safe and secure. It’s gifted them an important tool in which to communicate with each other and more importantly, to have better access to clients and able to screen them more effectively to avoid the unsafe situations they may find themselves as a member of the UK sex industry. 

Research carried out by the Home Affairs Committee – 

Research carried out by University of York –

Research carried out by Leicester University –

Do Escorts Enjoy their Job?

UK Escorts Enjoy Job

Although sometimes described as the “oldest profession in the world,” prostitution, and its polite cousin, escort work, is still an industry shrouded in controversy. Critics argue that it’s immoral, that the mostly female workforce are there not by choice but by circumstance and coercion. If someone is involved in the industry to fund a drug habit or if they’ve fallen victim to human trafficking. It seems reasonable to assume that they wouldn’t enjoy their job. In fact, you could safely reason that they despised their work.

But if they chose that line of work because it appealed to them? In many cases, escorts are self-employed and well paid. They pick their own hours. And it’s reasonable to assume they enjoy sex. In that case, they’re well paid to do something they enjoy.

Academic research carried out by the University of Leeds supports this theory. In a study conducted in 2014, 240 sex workers were interviewed about their profession. Their answers showed that 91% of them considered their work flexible. The study goes on to demonstrate that 66% of those polled found their work fun and over half of the interviewees described the job as rewarding. So, a job with flexible hours that’s fun and rewarding…not many of us can say we have that.

The study also showed that many of those involved voluntarily were highly educated with all the professional options that that entails. So, it seems reasonable to assume that those interviewed enjoyed their line of work. And all its advantages more than the supposedly more respectable white-collar alternatives that they were more than qualified to do.

But, of course, everyone has bad days. And everyone has problem clients from time to time. Whether they’re boring, unhygienic or plain rude seems to be a deciding factor in how much an escort enjoys themselves during any given transaction.

Tragically, some clients can be violent and due to the nature of the work and the legal grey area that it occupies. Sex workers are particularly vulnerable, with little legal recourse to fall back on. The research suggests that rather than prostitution and escort work being some kind of social scourge, it’s just a profession like any other. Some of those involved enjoy their work while others clock in simply because they have bills to pay and all the additional costs we all face. So, Is the problem with prostitution a problem with society’s views on sex rather than the act itself? After all, what transpires between two consenting adults shouldn’t concern third parties if no one else is involved.

Do escorts enjoy their job?

Claire ex-escort

‘I worked as an escort. It was neither demeaning nor morally reprehensible. If anything, I found it liberating.
Sex work; one of the oldest professions going ingrained with tired stigmas and obsolete taboos. Even the term ‘escort,’ conjures Dickensian images of penniless girls coerced into sexual slavery. However, what if – hold onto your handkerchiefs – this isn’t the case at all? What if these women aren’t victims-crying-out-to-be-saved, and are in fact, just normal women?

One former escort, Talya De Fay, was unblushingly quoted on Quora saying:

‘I love the sex. I love the freedom…’ She also claimed that the profession was a fulfilling one, which is more than many can say about their regular 9-5. Sex has been used to sell in retail for years. However, it appears that without the smokescreen of a sexy shampoo bottle or a deeply seductive Muller Corner, people cannot cope with so much undiluted sex. Therefore, it’s as though they’ve attached all of their own hang-ups and squeamish suspicions on women like Talya, who quite frankly, seem to be thriving!
‘My secret: I’m working as an escort to get through college…I’m not proud of it. I just need the money.’ – Whisper user.

Why do men pay for the service of escorts?

Why are men paying escorts in the uk in 2019?

Why do men pay for the service of UK escorts?

Despite what people often think, not all men visit escorts purely for the sex itself. There are, in fact, several motives that drive the male population to pay for escort services (some of which may surprise you).

A recent study by the National Survey of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyles (Natsal), showed that 1 in 10 British men have paid for sexual services. And you won’t be shocked to hear that this figure has massively increased over the last decade due to broader access to opportunities via mobile apps and the internet.

But more interesting than this, are the reasons why both single and married men splurge so much of their hard-earned cash on escort agencies. More often than not, it has been discovered. They are looking for what is known as the ‘Girlfriend Experience’ (GFE).

The Girlfriend Experience means that a lot of male clients are seeking specific attributes from their escort that they would expect to gain from a typical relationship such as closeness, affection, friendship and laughter.

Let’s look further into the GFE and what it entails.

A Cure for Loneliness

In a 2009 film called The Girlfriend Experience, a Manhattan-based escort known as ‘Chelsea’ specialised in offering GFEs to her clients. At one point in the film, a client visits Chelsea and then proceeds to complain about his current work stresses. He then thanks her for hearing him out, stating, “I’ve been in so many relationships where nobody listens”, reflecting the fact that indeed clients are paying for the escort’s time more than for access to their body.

The Deep Need for Intimacy

Most people seek personal activities such as kissing, cuddling and sharing an emotional connection. So it isn’t a big surprise that men find this in their sex lives, regardless of whether it is paid for or not. As a matter of fact, romance is actually quite common in the sex industry, and some men will even prioritise tenderness and affection over intercourse with their escort. Perhaps this is tied to a lack of intimacy in their daily life or dissatisfaction with marriage.

A Way to Lose Virginity

Amazingly, there are lots of men that choose to lose their V-card with an escort service rather than with a girlfriend or friend. Having sex for the first time can be a daunting experience for anyone, and an escort can take away some of the pressure. Since they are already experts in the field, they understand how to make the guy feel comfortable and to make sure his first time is a positive, pleasurable encounter. On top of this, the man can pick up some handy tips and techniques that he can use for future endeavours.

Exploring Fetishes

Another reason that men may choose to visit sex workers is that escorts are more likely to be open to experiencing sexual fantasies and kinks of the client than some partners would. Fetishes such as BDSM, sex toys, bondage, and dressing up are just a few of the frequent requests that escorts receive.

Shared Activities

Whether hiring an escort for an evening or a weekend, many men opt to spend their money on pursuing leisure activities that they wouldn’t regularly partake on their own. From attending a theatre show to taking a hike down the Peaks, there’s no denying that most men love to have a companion by their side. It’s also not uncommon for them to want to be seen out in public with a beautiful woman, as it gives a much-needed ego boost.

So now you know that there is much more to working in an escort agency that meets-the-eye. The sex industry is more abundant than ever. And with so many claiming that it is not cheating, but that it helps them to feel better physically and mentally, could we even go so far as to say that booking an escort is a form of therapy?

What type of woman becomes an escort?

Different types of females are becoming sex workers

Sex Workers: Black Widows or Bad-Ass Bitches?

Escorts are evil, shameless, sinful creatures – out to steal your man, wreck your happy home and devour the corpses of the suckers who hand over their hard-earned cash to them, right? Wrong. What kind of woman becomes an escort, let me tell you… Your best friend. Your neighbour. That girl you went to uni with who seems to always be on holiday. Your sister. Who knows – maybe even your partner? And that’s okay. Sex workers – I’ll call them that because it is work – should not have damaging and dangerous aspersions cast on them by society. They are not black widow spiders. They are not property to be used then thrown away (although I don’t doubt the worst of their clients see them that way). Don’t scorn them or pity them – revere them as the brave, resourceful, bad-ass hustlers they are. Putting on those heels day after day and keeping a smile plastered on your face when the urge to roll your eyes must be unbearable takes more than patience. Escorts use their intelligence, wit and womanly wiles to conjure a fantasy or a loving relationship with their client out of thin air. And it can be incredibly tough – but a girl has got to eat, right?

More to the point, they exist for a reason. For better or worse, there are men out there, desperate for attention. Single men. Married men who are lonely. Perhaps they lack the golden-ticket gift of the gab that lets them bed two women at once. Perhaps they aren’t blessed with the looks and confidence to pull on a Saturday night in the local club. Perhaps they just like sex – and have the cash they want to spend somewhere where everything is confidential, discreet and done just the way they like it. Whatever the reason, seeing an escort represents a kind of release for them.

To be clear, I understand entirely why women dislike other women who sell sex for money. It’s threatening. 

“Will my man ever go? How many men must they sleep with in a day – it’s disgusting! Are they in a safe situation? Do they have STIs? Do they enjoy it? I mean I barely sleep with my own husband, let alone enjoy it – I have washing to do, and I forgot to pay British Gas…”

These are all valid questions – but my unpopular opinion is that sex workers are doing these women a favour. Frustrated men are bad news – for themselves, for other men, but most of all for women. If they have a release that helps them out, that’s fewer women getting harassed on the dance floor on a Friday night, fewer women having to do something kinky that just isn’t their thing, fewer women having to talk themselves into having sex when they just can’t be arsed. 

Don’t blame our sisters in sexy lingerie. Our better halves are the ones paying. They are the ones looking online, turning up and pumping the hour away. Men who cheat and lie are the worst – you know it, I know it. The lies and heartbreaks are on them and only them. Love Magic Mike and his moisture-inducing, quim-quivering moves? Ladies, are you honestly telling me you wouldn’t part with £100 to get a right-royal seeing to by a Mike-alike?

This is not a woman-on-woman problem. It’s society, man. The only problem is that we are just too judgemental. Don’t men, and women, own their own bodies and deserve to use them as they wish – so long as they are sensible and safe? Sex is sex. It’s bloody brilliant. We ‘ooh’ and we ‘aah’ and we love it – but we don’t talk about it. Worse, we slate other people for enjoying it – even things we may enjoy ourselves behind closed doors.

It’s not just sex these women are selling; again, it’s a fantasy. Sometimes a treat, occasionally essential expenditure. Of course, there are women in the industry for the wrong reasons – trauma, drugs, unhealthy relationships, sex trafficking. But these are separate issues. I’m talking about women who understand the risks – but value their free time and love expensive shoes.

If you’ve ever wondered what type of woman becomes an escort, let me tell you. These are cosmopolitan, liberal goddesses. Oscar-worthy actresses. Businesswomen. They have thick skin and the temperaments of angels. How about we give them a break? Perhaps if we destroyed the taboo and gave these women the legal protection they deserve, we’d all be a little less f**ked.

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