The connoisseur of working girls

connoisseur of working girls

International Escort Connoisseur

Being a lone traveller and visiting cities all around the globe exploring the different cultures a city has to offer I have become, inadvertently, somewhat of an expert on the various differences each city has to offer in the world of the ‘working girl.’ It was not knowledge I set out to acquire but just organically became entrenched in my mindset.  Basically, there are three different categories of ‘working girl’ throughout every city in the world. There’s the streetwalker, the massage girls and the escort. 

Lets deal firstly with the streetwalker, the third division in the sex worker league table. Once landed in any city in the world the person to ask the whereabouts of the local “working beat,” girls that ply their trade on street corners or in the shadier parts of a city is the local taxi driver, he will not only tell you where they are, he will take you there.  Personally I find streetwalkers rather hard nosed, unfriendly and lacking in any passion at all. They are also limited in the places where to conduct business, usually in a car or a dodgy room somewhere that is neither clean or safe.

The massage girls working from their own apartments are a division above the streetwalkers and some can be very nice, but they too can be pushy and their main concern is how quickly they can finish you off and get you out ready for the next punter. Which brings me to my favourite, the escort. Escorts are the premier league of ‘working girls,’ definitely more upscale than their counterparts.

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Lastly, I’m often asked which city has the best escorts in the world, simple answer; Dubai, the girls there are amazing.  

My husband caught me working as an escort in London

Husband catches wife working as an escort

Everyone has sexual fantasies, most people contain their fantasies as just that; a fantasy.

I’m Andrea, a middle class suburban housewife with two delightful children, my husband Nick has a good career as a radio producer, we have friends in the entertainment world, many of them are household names.  We live in a leafy street in the commuter belt in a prosperous area close to London, are financially comfortable and really want for nothing,  I have an au-pair who does most of my housework and takes the children to and from school. I have plenty of time during the day to pamper myself with pedicures, hairdressers and shopping.

During the day my fantasies would become an obsession, they grew stronger and I craved excitement, so much so that I started to dress provocatively whilst shopping, showing out to men in the street and knowing men were looking at me with sexual desire, this was the beginning of my ultimate fantasy.

I would often look online at escort agency websites and wish that pictures of me were there with men calling me to visit them in their hotel. This was my fantasy.

One Monday morning I found myself buying a second mobile phone,  I called an escort agency and asked for a job, the man on the other end of the phone called me back and within the hour I was entering the escort agency and being interviewed. The agency boss told me that as I’ve never worked as an escort before he would have to make sure I could do the job properly. Right there in his office I had sex with him, he took photos of me and of put them on the escort directory it was the beginning of my fantasy life as a “working girl” as it’s known in the trade. For two years I would visit men during the day while my husband was at work. I always managed to get home for dinner before Nick got home from work. One problem I had was where to put the money that I earned, we had joint accounts and I couldn’t be seen to be spending more than Nick gave me for housekeeping. At the peak of my days as a London escort I was earning over £1000pw…… My biggest problem however, although I didn’t know it at the time, was my au-pair, she would see me secretly taking calls during the day, getting dressed in stockings and suspenders, putting on make up, sexy outfits that I kept hidden from Nick. She put two and two together, realized I was working as a prostitute and started to keep a diary of my daily activities. She even followed me to hotels where I would meet men. Needless to say, the reason she kept a diary was to show it to Nick, which she did by leaving her diary open on the dining room table where Nick would often work late into the night.

Will Sex Dolls Be a Threat to The Real Escorts in UK?

Can Sex Dolls ever Be a Threat to Escorts

Slowly but surely, sex dolls are becoming less comedic props for stage parties and more the partners of choice for thousands worldwide. Perhaps not in the full-time sense, but increasingly realistic and sophisticated sex dolls are transforming the way the world looks at sex with largely inanimate objects.

To such an extent that some are questioning whether cutting-edge sex dolls could pose a threat to real escorts worldwide.

Incredibly, there’s already a relatively sizeable string of brothels in the United Kingdom where sex dolls form part and parcel of the action. In fact, there’s even a brothel in Gateshead where the proprietor specializes exclusively in sex dolls. No human workers, not a single real UK escort on the premises – nothing but sex dolls.

And he himself has stated that when chatting with others from across the industry, escorts have voiced their concerns to him directly regarding the potential for sex dolls to take over.

The Appeal of Sex Dolls

Of course, the key question is that of why exactly so many customers – and indeed there are a lot of them – are happy to spend £100 to spend quality time with a plastic partner. Or in some instances, hand over as much as £2,000 to purchase the doll outright. The proprietor of this particular establishment suggests that business is booming, so what’s the appeal of sex dolls that goes over and above the real escort?

Well, for one thing there’s the way in which sex dolls can be styled in just about any way the client in question wishes. If it seems like a good idea for business, sex dolls can be made to look unsurprisingly similar to just about any celebrity or famous face in the world. Not to mention, made up to look like individuals in the lives of those using them. The chap in charge of this sex doll brothel having stated that his clients regularly bring in pictures of people, upon which to model the look and attire of his dolls for their next encounter.

For some, it’s all about avoiding the awkwardness and indeed potential legal arguments that accompany the services of real escorts. They lack the confidence to do business with human sex workers, so instead take their business the way of sex dolls.  And of course, sleeping with any number of sex dolls on a regular basis technically doesn’t count as adultery. Hence the popularity of the service among married men.

Sex dolls also remove personal preferences and ethics from the equation, effectively allowing those using such services to do absolutely anything they want, without having to feel too bad about it. Men and women alike looking to explore the darkest depths of their fantasy fetishes have total freedom to do exactly that.

The Limitations of Sex Dolls

As for whether sex dolls pose a genuine threat to the real escort, the answer is simple – not for the time being at least. The reason being that when customers decide to spend time with a sex doll, they tend to do so for one purpose and one purpose alone – physical gratification. After all, it’s not as if they can have a conversation, go on a date with or generally interact with the doll in any way other than the obvious.

What’s different when it comes to the real escort is the way in which many, if not most clients are looking for so much more than the physical aspect of the service. Dolls may be able to provide physical stimulation, but genuine intellectual and emotional stimulation is typically out of the question. Escort services extend to pretty much everything you would expect from a girlfriend or boyfriend – sex dolls are largely confined to the bedroom, or must at least be kept behind closed doors.

And then of course there’s the obvious downside that comes with sex dolls being predominantly inanimate. Even those that have been designed to be as lifelike as possible cannot move or ‘perform’ on the same level as a human being. A useful option for those who enjoy the submissive side of sex, not great for those who prefer a little more effort to be made on their behalf.

Chances are, a day will come when sex dolls and robots are so sophisticated that they can do largely anything and everything that would be expected of a human partner. Nevertheless, that day won’t be here for some time – perhaps a couple of generations at least.

So while it’s true to say that sex dolls and robots may one day pose a threat to the real escort, it absolutely isn’t going to be something that will happen in our lifetime.

Undergraduate Doctors and Dentists working as call girls

Students working as call girls in UK

There has been a disturbing trend developing among undergraduates, especially girls, to pay their tuition fees by selling their bodies working as UK escorts. To date this trend has been mostly limited to the so-called, non-elite universities. However, research among girls seeking to become doctors and dentists, has shown this trend is now moving to the more up-market universities.

Real UK Escort Stories

Myda a pretty undergraduate from Singapore studying dentistry at Kings College London told us, “working as a call girl and escort in UK in the evenings is the only way I could afford to live near my Uni”. She went on to tell us that she’s not alone, that many of her Uni friends were travelling and escorting during their holidays, some working for escort agencies, and some going it alone as an independent UK escort. Myda went on to say “working as an independent London escort and advertising my mobile number on sites like I could keep all the money I made from my clients, if I worked for an agency, as some girls do, I would have to pay them up to 50% of my earnings, which meant I would be having sex with men for just £50 a time.”

Parvenah is a beautiful Iranian undergrad studying to become a Doctor at Imperial College London faculty of medicine told our researcher, “at first I was nervous, especially coming from my background, but a friend, who was also an Iranian girl who I met on my course was working as a call girl (she’s now a doctor, by the way.) She told me how easy it would be for me to make easy money, she showed me how to place an ad without showing my face, just in my bra, stockings and suspenders on the escort directory and from day one my mobile started ringing with men wanting to have sex with me. I usually see one or two men a night for an hour each and make over £1000pw, where else could I make such good money, also some of the men I’ve met are really nice, many have become regular clients, they sometimes take me out for dinner or buy me nice presents. I have one regular who bought me a Cartier watch. I know Some girls would think this is a bad way to get through my degree, but on the whole I enjoy my secret life as a London Escort. I have two years left on my course and will keep working as an escort until I graduate as a doctor.

Escort, 23, Reveals How She Gets £3,000 An Hour

UK Escorts Incredible Earnings

Worldwide, the escort business is generally portrayed in one of two rather extreme ways. It’s seen either as a last-resort for desperate down-and-outs looking to make ends meet, or as the kind of unique opportunity to earn vast sums of cash in no time at all.

In reality, the truth lies somewhere down the middle. While there are plenty of inspiring success stories, making it big as an escort takes time, hard work and plenty of dedication. For those looking to make a name for themselves in the escort industry, it needs a full-time and on-going commitment – not something simply turned to on occasion for a quick cash injection.

An Incredible Success Story 

In a recent interview with in the UK, an escort named Caroline (not her real name of course) spoke of her own path to enormous personal wealth.  Previously working for minimum wage in a High Street retail outlet, the 25-year-old spoke of her plans to retire long before she reaches 40.

Having put in the time and effort it takes to become an escort for luxury clients worldwide, she told a publication how she’s been paid as much as £3,000 per hour and received single tips larger than six months’ salary at her previous job.

One of her regular clients recently handed over a tip of more than £10,000, just as a token gesture to thank her for her companionship. Which, Caroline confessed, immediately went towards a down payment on a luxury sports car she’d had her eye on for years.

She owns her own home, she rents out a luxury holiday property by the sea and she’s well on the way to the early retirement she’s planning for. But what is it really like to work as an escort at this level?

“Everyone assumes it’s all about sex,” she said. “Even if you don’t consider yourself to be judgmental, you probably think all we do is sleep with old and desperate rich guys for money.”

“In reality, you wouldn’t believe how varied the requests I receive from new and regular clients can be. Sometimes, all they want me to do is go to dinner with them so that they can be seen in public with an attractive girlfriend. Or maybe a business lunch where they’re out to impress clients. I chat with a few people, drink champagne and hold their hand – three hours of work and I walk away with thousands of dollars in my pocket.

“For some, it’s all about the thrill of doing something they can’t help feeling is a little on the naughty side. Some hire me with every intention of doing all manner of weird and wonderful physical things. But when we actually meet up, they’re happy just to talk, laugh, have a few drinks, go to dinner, go dancing and so on.  Particularly when it comes to married men, they don’t always find it as easy to cheat on their wives as they think they will!”

More Demanding Clients

However, Caroline also confessed that in order to make it into the big leagues, you need to be willing to offer the kinds of services other escorts may be unable or unwilling to provide.

“There’s a sliding scale involved when it comes to creative and kinky escort services,” she said.

“Pretty much any escort working today will offer a set ‘menu’ of standard services. Which tick all the right boxes for the vast majority of clients. When clients are looking for something a little more unusual or wild, they usually understand that they’re going to need to pay extra. If you turn down requests too often, you become known for all the wrong reasons. If you’re at least reasonably open-minded, you’ll end up with a permanent queue of clients waiting to do business with you.”

“And just as soon as you’ve got them hooked, they’ll pay just about any price to keep coming back for more!”

As for the one piece of advice she could give newcomers with the intention of emulating her success, Caroline had one simple tip to offer:

“If you’re out for an easy ride and looking to make easy money, this isn’t the industry for you. But if you’re happy to work hard and have your head screwed on right, it’s an entirely different story.”